Wind Energy

  • Google Wind Energy

    Google Invests In Clean Energy Future – Google for Wind Power harnessing

    Google search: Google invests in wind energy Search results: – $55 million stake in a 102 megawatt wind power project in California. – Power purchase agreement with a 114 megawatt wind farm in Iowa – $100 million investment in the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in [...]

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  • LEGO Windmill

    Lego owned German offshore wind farm to be built soon

    The parent company of toy firm LEGO has joined growing circle of companies investing in renewable energy. With a $534 million worth acqusition, Kirkbi A/S – the family firm that also holds a 75% share in Lego – will own 32% of Borkum Riffgrund 1 [...]

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  • IKEA Wind Farm

    IKEA invests in wind farms to become 100% renewable energy powered

    Technological growth in past century exhausted natural energy resources, so technology of this century turned towards the renewable energy. Large companies as investors are to be main drivers of renewable energy incentives and investments. Scientific research projects and experiments in the field of renewable energy, [...]

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  • Taiwain Tower

    Ultra Sustainable Floating Observatories Wins the Taiwan Tower Competition

    Hello Earthman, you’ve just entered the Taiwan Tower Zone, could be the words welcoming us in this ultra-futuristic solar skyscraper by Romanian firm Dorin Stefan Birou Arhitectura. It is one of the Final Winners at “Taiwan Tower” Conceptual International Competition, the competition for a new [...]

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  • Nemesis Electric Car

    The history reminder – The First Wind Powered Car – Part Two: Nemesis

    Some would disagree on Ventomobile being the first wind car. They would say that electric sport car named Nemesis is in fact the world’s first wind-powered car. Designed by an experienced F1 vehicle team, Nemesis is an electric car powered by Ecotricity’s wind turbine located [...]

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  • wind-powered vehicles

    The history reminder – The First Wind Powered Car – Part One: InVentus Ventomobile

    Wind energy is considered to be one of the very important sources of renewable energy today. It is used for generating electricity for homes, but also, from ancient times, as a main power for vehicles such as sail boats. Nowadays among lots of modern and [...]

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  • Windfarm1

    Australia on the wings of the wind

    Australia, the land of the wind and wind surfing, now became also the land of the wind energy! According to Russell Marsh, CEC policy director, AEMO data showed that state’s wind farms generated 55% of all the electricity used by South Australians on 6 September [...]

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  • Windmill

    Use of wind energy

    Wind blows for billions of years proving itself as a very important example of a renewable energy. People have recognized very early its enormous power and importance. They showed their humbleness and gratitude by worshipping wind-gods, like Amun (the God of the Wind of the [...]

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  • Wind Power Generator

    What is wind power?

    What is alternative energy? And what is renewable energy? As opposed to what is solar energy? The 3 very basic questions. The answer to what is solar energy question is already given in previous articles on this site. As explained, the solar energy is the [...]

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  • Olympic Village 1

    Wind captured at Olympic London

    When London was selected to be the host of 2012 Olympic Games, they promised to make them “the Greenest Games ever”. During the years of preparation lots of critics were sharpening their tongues on every unfulfilled plan or organisational twist saying that ODA isn’t doing [...]

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