Taiwain Tower

Ultra Sustainable Floating Observatories Wins the Taiwan Tower Competition

Hello Earthman, you’ve just entered the Taiwan Tower Zone, could be the words welcoming us in this ultra-futuristic solar skyscraper by Romanian firm Dorin Stefan Birou Arhitectura.
It is one of the Final Winners at “Taiwan Tower” Conceptual International Competition, the competition for a new urban development of the “Gateway city” in Taichung, Taiwan.

The tower designed to look like an out-of–this-world tree has 8 floating elevators in the form of zeppelin that could take 50-80 visitors to enjoy in panoramic view of the park. “They are self‐sustained by helium balloons and are built from lightweight materials (borrowed from the spacecraft industry) and are wrapped in a last‐generation type of membrane (PTFE) and they glide vertically on a track positioned vertically in a strong electro‐magnetic field” ‐ said Dorin STEFAN, Principal of DSBA architectural studio.

Taiwan towerThe 390-meter tower, which should be built till end of 2016, is an office tower that houses conference space, information centre, restaurants, observation deck, as well as museum and urban park.

Hold your breath Earthman, you’re about to be launched to Renewable Energy Wonder Planet. The new generation of axial wind turbines located along the vertical central core together with the adjustable photovoltaic solar panels are used as a zero gas emission electricity production. Furthermore, a fiber optics dome system is sustainable way of lighting the basement areas. Photovoltaic principle together with an electromagnetic field membrane around the helium tanks is combined to a heating system for the floating observatories but for heating the tower areas the geothermal energy is used. The principles of sustainability are fulfilled through all possible methods of renewable energy harnessing and energy conservation.
And that is not all yet. Serious carbon reduction is obtained using “chimney” effect and a cross-ventilation of the area due to a tower’s height and small building footprint respectively.
To be fully self-sustainable, the rain water is collected from all the platforms and used for washing, irrigation of the green areas, running water for toilets.

As much futuristic in visual identity Taiwan Tower is also futuristic in its environmental identity using solely the renewable energy. Its sustainable strategies with lots of green open spaces and impressive renewable energy technologies are reasons for monitoring this project anxiously to see if this becomes the final design.

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