V3Solar’s Spin Cell

V3Solar introduces spinning conical photovoltaic modules

Years and years of generating solar powered electricity makes us believe that we are experts in topics on solar energy and solar power, photovoltaic solar cells and photovoltaic solar panels. Flat photovoltaic panels, thin film photovoltaic panels, double sided photovoltaic panels – lines and lines of flat photovoltaic solar panels. Some are better for cloudy days, some are better on hot days. The common for all of them is that they are always very flat, very plane. But not anymore.

V3Solar Spinning Photovoltaic ConesThe V3Solar’s Spin Cell is a new generation of solar photovoltaic modules that are conically shaped and more efficient than flat ones.
Previously called Solarphasec, the V3Solar company explained that V3 Spin Cell, quite elegant conic panel, is capable of generating “over 20 times more electricity than a static flat panel with the same area of photovoltaic cells”. It consists of two cones and hundreds of triangular photovoltaic cells carefully packed inside of a static hermetically-sealed outer lens concentrator. It is set at an angle of 56 degrees, the angle that maximises the harnessed quantity of sun energy.
Spin CellTo reduce generated heat, the photovoltaic cone module spins using some of its own solar generated electricity that feeds a Maglev system. “It only requires one amp because the unit floats on magnets, there is almost no resistance, and the magnets are arranged to push the spin forward. The rate of spin is controlled by electronic feedback loops to maximize production.” as V3Solar’s Chief Marketing Officer Robert Styler told to Gizmag.

“Imagine holding your hand steady beneath a magnifying glass,” says V3Solar. “The heat would build up to a point of discomfort, even pain. Now imagine moving your hand back and forth below the magnifying glass. You still receive the same light, but very little heat.” The same thing is applied to the photovoltaic layer. It is continuously oscillated in and out of the concentrated light creating a dynamic shutter and flash rate strobe effect.
Due to its design, conical shape, dynamic spin, concentrating lenses and advanced electronics, V3 Solar spin cell doesn’t need separate tracking system for adjustment any more.

Spin CellEven though the photovoltaic solar spin module has a small footprint, V3 Solar thought of occupying even less space using a “Power Pole”. The designers explain: “This is a pole that holds 10 Spin Cells, or 10KWp, in a footprint of 10 SF. The spin cells are placed with mathematical precision to make sure no Spin Cell shades another. This not only creates significantly great power density, but also removes the concern of floods and mitigates the environmental impact.” And from the financial point of view, this could seriously reduce the total cost of solar farms.

After positive results on testing the product, V3Solar in cooperation with industrial design team Nectar Design, has a green light to make it commercially available.
But even at this point, as V3Solar announced on their website, they have signed the first licensing agreement of 800.000 Spin Cells for what will potentially be the largest solar farm in the Southern Hemisphere. Obviously, the market has recognised advantages of this spinning photovoltaic innovation.

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