Renewable Energy

  • Apple Maiden North Carolina

    Apple is building two solar arrays and biogas fuel cell installation

    “By the end of 2012, we’ll meet the energy needs of our Maiden, North Carolina, data center using entirely renewable sources. To achieve this, we’re building our own facilities that will provide over 60 percent of the clean power we need.” – announced Apple on [...]

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  • IKEA Solar Array Minnesota

    IKEA strategy for more sustainable living

    IKEA, Swedish furniture giant, announced today challenging sustainability strategy called People&Planet Positive. According to that strategy IKEA group plans to invest 1,5 billion EUR ($1.95 billion) in renewable energy power, like solar power and wind power, to produce at least 70% of the group’s energy [...]

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  • Dubai Eco Mosque

    The First Green Mosque in Dubai to be Built

    Although eco friendly mosque is not the first of the kind in the world, it is going to be the first one in United Arab Emirates. In-line with green building standards, the largest mosque in Dubai (for 3.500 worshippers) is planned to be completed by [...]

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  • Biofuel

    The history reminder – The First Biofuel Car

    Nowadays we are talking almost daily about renewable energy, about sustainable life, about finding the alternatives to replace the pollutant energy sources. Solar energy, wind energy, biomass, biofuel. Lots of researches and studies on a renewable energy topic are sponsored with a big money. Every [...]

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  • Sewage Sludge 1

    Clean Biodiesel grown by South Korean Researchers on a Sewage Sludge

    Biofuel, composed from organic recently dead material, is a natural alternative to fossil fuels. It is one of the important members of renewable energy family. An environment friendly fuel, biofuel burns cleaner and reduces greenhouse gasses, in other words produces less air pollution then fossil [...]

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  • Biofuel

    Do you know what biofuel is?

    Up to few years ago we have used only a fossil fuel to run our cars or in industry and factories. Fossil fuels, like oil or petroleum, are constituted of “long dead” organic matter so it is obviously a non-renewable energy source. Since we have [...]

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  • Renewable Energy

    Types of Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy is energy produced from regenerative or virtually inexhaustible resources such as solar radiation, wind, water, biomass, or heat from the Earth’s interior. Mostly used renewable energy is solar power and the wind energy as the second. Known also as a clean energy it [...]

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  • Sea Organ Zadar

    Sea music by Sea Organ

    What can be more calming than listening to the music? Listening to the music by the sea, some might say. But what about listening to the sea music? The music played by the sea on the sea organ? The Sea Organ, a unique piece of [...]

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  • London Olympics

    How sustainable were London Olympics?

    While London is adding up numbers from 2012 Olympics, we are interested in results from energy point of view. The high standards in using the renewable energy were set by last summer Olympic 2008 Games in Beijing. Since the Olympics are the symbol of achieving [...]

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