IKEA Solar Array Minnesota

IKEA strategy for more sustainable living

IKEA, Swedish furniture giant, announced today challenging sustainability strategy called People&Planet Positive. According to that strategy IKEA group plans to invest 1,5 billion EUR ($1.95 billion) in renewable energy power, like solar power and wind power, to produce at least 70% of the group’s energy by 2016 and to increase it to full energy independence by 2020.
The plan also includes cutting waste and promoting recycling to improve their own energy efficiency by at least 20%. Also, according to the sustainable plan decis ion is to grow more trees than it uses.

As one of the steps towards greener future, IKEA decided to offer products in line with sustainable living, like LED lighting and energy efficient home appliances. LED lighting uses 85% less electricity then incandescent bulbs so calculations say that it could seriously cut global greenhouse gas emissions. Further more energy-efficient home appliances could reduce energy usage by 30% for the average household.
Steve Howard – Chief Sustainability Officer of the IKEA Group says, “We believe that sustainability should not be a luxury good – it should be affordable for everyone.”

IKEA wind farmEven up to now, IKEA has been investing for many years in renewable energy power. They already own 180 MW capacity wind farms and have installed 342.000 solar panels on their buildings. 27% of the group’s electricity comes from the renewable energy sources. And still they are continuing to invest in projects that would reduce the air pollution and increase the usage of renewable energy power.
“We know we’re going to be using energy in 20 years’ time,” Howard said: “If we can own our own renewable energy plants… it gives us complete price certainty.” And continued: “All our solar (installations) pay back in 10 years or less and will last for 20 years. It’s a really good use for the money we’ve saved for a rainy day.”

Environmentalists like the WWF conservation organization, UK-based Climate Group and UK Greenpeace with John Sauven as the head officer, welcomed this sustainable plan and their effort to transform businesses in the face of environmental threats.

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