Nemesis Electric Car

The history reminder – The First Wind Powered Car – Part Two: Nemesis

Some would disagree on Ventomobile being the first wind car. They would say that electric sport car named Nemesis is in fact the world’s first wind-powered car. Designed by an experienced F1 vehicle team, Nemesis is an electric car powered by Ecotricity’s wind turbine located outside of the vehicle itself.

Founder of Ecotricity, Dale Vince, a renewable energy fan, said: “We call our car a wind-powered car because we think it’s important not to lose sight in the debate. We all need to switch to electric vehicles, but that energy has to come from somewhere.”

Bought on e-bay, second-hand Lotus Exige went through serious make-over to become Nemesis, the car powered by two 125 kilowatt motors that produce 330 brake horsepower. The 96 lithium polymer batteries have a 36 kWh capacity, can be recharged in less than 2 hours with optional fast charger, 8-9 hours with an overnight charger and will last for about 150-250 km before it runs out. With a max speed of 270 km/h the Nemesis can proudly join the family of sports cars.

Electric CarAs Vince said, he had built the car to “smash the stereotype of electric cars as something Noddy would drive – slow, boring, not cool”.
To show that renewable energy powered electric cars really aren’t slow, boring, not cool or just to have fun by staying in the race, Nemesis has challenged currently the fastest electric vehicle in UK, The Electric Bluebird. On the 27th of September at Elvington Airfield, where the official record attempt takes place, Nemesis has to achieve the speed over 220 km/h and the team is very confident that she will.

“Motor sport generally is a place of drama and excitement and if we can demonstrate green technologies there, we can show that actually living a more sustainable life isn’t about giving something up, you can still have fun but we can just do it cleanly,” he said.

Who can decide now, Ventomobile or Nemesis? Which one is the first wind powered car? The one with the wind turbine installed at the vehicle itself? Or the electric one powered by dislocated wind turbines organized in Ecotricity renewable energy network?
At the end, it doesn’t really matter whether the wind turbine is on the car or off the car, nor it matters who was the first. What really matters is zero greenhouse gas emission and completely renewable source of energy that runs the car. That is the field where both of them have won the title of being the first.

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