Glossary of Terms

AC (elec) abbreviation for Alternating Current
AC-DC (elec) electrical devices operate on either Alternating Current or Direct Current
ACCUMULATOR (gen.) device applied to store ENERGY
BATTERY (elec) intended to store electrical ENERGY, consists of two or more CELLS or ACCUMULATORS electrically connected in series or parallel.
CELL (elec) a device that generates electricity
DC (elec) abbreviation for Direct Current
ELECTRICITY (elec) is a form of energy produced by the movement of electrons; the time rate of flow of electric charge measured in ampers (A)
ENERGY (gen) the capacity of a body to do work
RADIANT ENERGY (sol) energy that is transmitted in the form of (electromagnetic) radiation or waves
SOLAR POWER (sol) the rate at which solar energy falls on the Earth
SOLAR RADIATION (sol) radiant energy received from the sun, from both direct exposure and diffuse or reflected sunlight
SOLAR SYSTEM (sol) any heating, cooling, or power system that uses energy provided by the sun
SOLAR WATER HEATER (sol) a water heater that uses solar energy as its source of power

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