Halloween Greeting Card

Environment-friendly solar powered decorations for Halloween, the solar festival

Halloween is here! Don’t forget to carve your pumpkin, to light up your decorations. But also don’t forget on environment and your energy bills. Lower the carbon footprint by using renewable energy to celebrate the Halloween. Save a tree by using recycled paper for your Happy Halloween greeting cards. If we all follow those advices, it would matter.

Originally Halloween was a festival to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the Celtic New Year. It is on the night of October 31. Celtic Samhain, the solar festival, has survived to the present day as “Halloween”.

Today it is the festival of pumpkins, black cats and bats. Dressing up in scary costumes and trick-or-treating door-to-door is still the main event. It has been said that on All Hallows’ Eve there is no boundary between the living world and dead, allowing spirits to run free. Ghosts and goblins roam the earth, witches fly on their broomsticks, vampires rise from the dead. Americans have added scary movies, community haunted houses, ghost stories and greeting cards to the celebration. US average consumer spends lots of money on Halloween parties, candies and festive decorations.

So let your family feels the spirit of Halloween, organize awesome party, decorate your home and garden.
But don’t forget, stay on the sustainable side. Here are some renewable ideas of Halloween decorations powered by solar energy for the solar festival. Various types of decorative lights on solar energy power are available in your stores to illuminate your garden and pathways into a Halloween scaryland.

Solar Halloween DecorationsSolar hands - Halloween Yard DecorationTo save on energy (and money) use renewable energy and power up your spooky Halloween night. Charged by solar panel and activated by a sensor it is appropriate to welcome (picture on the left) or spook (on the right) your guests.

Solar Halloween DecorationsIf you want something smaller but still powered on renewable energy, big choice of solar Halloween stakes are on the market. The pumpkin stake, the led-light bats stake, witches and cats, all powered on solar energy. And of course, big choice of solar powered pumpkins – scary, funny, cute or elegant ones.

Solar Halloween Pumpkin DecorationsSolar Halloween Pumpkin LightSolar Halloween Yard Decor


Solar Halloween GhostSolar Halloween Black Cat


Do you want cute little singing ghost or scary big-eyed black cat? Just let the solar energy light them up.

With pumpkins and decorations all around don’t forget: for a wild party you still need a basket full of scary food and bowls of fluorescent-green-smoky drink on your table. Oh, and lots of candies for a trick-or-treats. Happy Halloween!

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