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SI2 Saluting The Statue Of Liberty

Solar Impulse 2 above the Statue of Liberty

The aircraft Solar Impulse 2, single-seat monoplane flying on a solar energy only, landed on Saturday morning in New York City closing its 14th leg of historic one-year flight around the world. “It was symbolic to fly over the Statue of Liberty being free from fossil fuel,” Borschberg told CNN. “The weather was perfect last night, too. I felt like [...]

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Recurrent Energy Project

Google Invests In Clean Energy Future – Google for Solar

Google search: Google invests in solar photovoltaic energy Go Search results: – $94 million on four solar panel based projects near Sacramento… – $355 million in funds to finance residential solar rooftops… – a 49% stake in a solar farm in Germany… – $168 million on the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System… more – add date – December 2011: Search [...]

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Apple Maiden North Carolina

Apple is building two solar arrays and biogas fuel cell installation

“By the end of 2012, we’ll meet the energy needs of our Maiden, North Carolina, data center using entirely renewable sources. To achieve this, we’re building our own facilities that will provide over 60 percent of the clean power we need.” – announced Apple on their web page. Construction of the Apple’s first solar array in Maiden, across the street [...]

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Halloween Greeting Card

Environment-friendly solar powered decorations for Halloween, the solar festival

Halloween is here! Don’t forget to carve your pumpkin, to light up your decorations. But also don’t forget on environment and your energy bills. Lower the carbon footprint by using renewable energy to celebrate the Halloween. Save a tree by using recycled paper for your Happy Halloween greeting cards. If we all follow those advices, it would matter. Originally Halloween [...]

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V3Solar’s Spin Cell

V3Solar introduces spinning conical photovoltaic modules

Years and years of generating solar powered electricity makes us believe that we are experts in topics on solar energy and solar power, photovoltaic solar cells and photovoltaic solar panels. Flat photovoltaic panels, thin film photovoltaic panels, double sided photovoltaic panels – lines and lines of flat photovoltaic solar panels. Some are better for cloudy days, some are better on [...]

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HIT Double solar modules

Panasonic Introduced Bifacial Photovoltaic Module at Japan’s Market

Panasonic merged with Sanyo, two giants in one company, a famous global electronics manufacturer, enriched the Japan’s photovoltaic panels market with the newest improvement, the “HIT Double” bifacial solar panel. It is the youngest member of HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer) solar cell family, solar cell generation that are hybrids of single crystalline silicon surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. [...]

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Taiwain Tower

Ultra Sustainable Floating Observatories Wins the Taiwan Tower Competition

Hello Earthman, you’ve just entered the Taiwan Tower Zone, could be the words welcoming us in this ultra-futuristic solar skyscraper by Romanian firm Dorin Stefan Birou Arhitectura. It is one of the Final Winners at “Taiwan Tower” Conceptual International Competition, the competition for a new urban development of the “Gateway city” in Taichung, Taiwan. The tower designed to look like [...]

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Baker Electric Car

The history reminder – The First Solar Car

The first car was built in Mannheim, Germany by Karl Benz back there in 1885. Although there were some car examples even before that date, this one is acknowledged as the invention of the modern car due to its own four-stroke cycle gasoline engine. Further development of automotive technology was very rapid. Merely decade later cars were factory-built and by [...]

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Greeting To The Sun

Solar installation The Greeting to the Sun

Have you ever written a postcard from your vacation? Lying under the pine tree, with the small umbrella in your cocktail, sending greetings to your special ones? Well, if you find yourself in Zadar, the coastal town in Croatia, you wouldn’t need much to visualise all this. Even more, you can easily write “Greetings from Croatia, Greetings to the Sun!” [...]

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The PlanetSolar Project – Around the world in a solar boat

Do you know what this is: 30 meters long but 537 m2 solar panel surface; approximately 38.000 solar cells with 6 blocks of lithium-ion battery and photovoltaic panel efficiency of 18,8%? Designed by Craig Loomes from New Zealand, built by Knierim Yachtbau in Germany, registered in Switzerland, has a max speed of 14 knots and 6 incredibly brave crew members? [...]

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